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New Clients:

To help us provide the best possible service for you and your pet and to comply with The Animal Health & Welfare Act 2006/2007, we keep a detailed client record system. In complaince with the Data Protection Act 1998 all details we hold will be confidential.


All new customers are required to complete a Consent Form at their initial visit and to keep us up to date of any changes to the information we currently hold at subsequent visits.



We run an appointment system as this allows us to cater our services and time to meet the specific needs of your pet.  If you cannot make your appointment please remember to cancel as a NO SHOW will occur a £10 charge on your next appointment, we do have a Waiting List and can allocate your appointment to another customer,   Occasionally we may be able to offer walk in appointments so please don't hesitate to contact us.



Payment is due when pet is collected.  We only accept CASH, no card facilities.



Dogs are required to be up to date with vaccinations.


Health or Medical Problems:

Occasionally, grooming can sometimes uncover a hidden medical condition or aggravate a pre-existing condition.  It is extremely important that any issues are brought to the groomers' attention prior to the commencement of the groom.  The pet owner will cover all medical expenses for veterinary care.


Aggressive / Scared Dogs:

Please be honest and advise us if your dog has any aggressive tendencies or if you may be worried about how your pet will behave and we will endeavor to work with your pet to overcome their fears.

If your pet gives us reason to, then muzzling may be the last resort.  Muzzling does not harm your pet and protects both the pet and the groomer.  In some cases, muzzling may even calm a stressed or excited animal, allowing the grooming process to continue.  If your pet continues to act in a stressed or dangerous manner then we will stop the grooming process and you will be charged for the work already completed.



We strive to be a flea free zone and if your pet is found to have fleas you are more than welcome to collect your pet and treat yourself, another appointment will need to be organised to complete the groom once the pet is treated.  

Alternatively we can treat your pet with a flea treatment bath for an extra £5.00 added onto the cost of your planned groom.

If ticks are found we will remove Free of Charge and you will be advised that we have done so.



As stated in the Animal Welfare Act 2006/2007 "animal's are to be protected from pain, injury and suffering". We will groom your pets by the safest and humane methods possible to ensure no distress or suffering is caused to your loved one.  We may be able to brush out small knots but where we see appropriate matting will be shaved off in compliance with the law. 

Mats in an animals' coat grow tight and can tear the animals skin; this causes pain, discomfort and provides a breeding ground for parasites and infection.  Where we feel the pet will suffer because the coat is in a very poor condition we will advise a shave down is required, removing a heavily matted coat can result in small nicks, cuts and abrasions to the pet, due to skin being trapped in the mats.  Heavy matting can also trap moisture and urine near the pet's skin resulting in itchiness, redness, irritations or abrasions and in some cases the hair may not grow back.  It is therefor beneficial to establish a regular grooming schedule for the health and wellbeing of your pet from a young age.


Anal Glands:

We will NOT express anal glands because The R.C.V.S Act 1966 advises that the expressing of anal glands is a procedure that a healthy dog should perform naturally and reasons for not doing so should be investigated by a veterinary surgery.



Although accidents are very rare, there is always a risk when dealing with animals and sharp grooming equipment.  We use extreme caution and care in all situations but when we have an excitable, wriggling pet on the table possible problems could occur including cuts, nicks, scratches, bleeding nails etc.  In the event of an accident you will be notified.  If we feel the accident is serious and the owner is not on-site/ contactable we will seek immediate veterinary care for your pet at Clyde Vet Group, Wishaw.



We like to display before/after photographs through social media and our website.


Customer Satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction is very important to us.  If you are unhappy with our service and would like something adjusted please notify us when you collect your pet after their groom and we will be happy to oblige.



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